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The Chinese Beatles

Posted in Amused by Elliott Back on March 28th, 2005.

Chinese BeatlesTian says: Regarding the “Bizarre anti-Beatles pamphlet located”, I have found an old “Meet the Beatles” album cover in Chinese.

1. Notice all the band member’s eyes? They have been changed to make them look more ‘Asianized’ (and in John Lennon’s case, more stoned).

2. The phonetic translation of the band name “beatles”, actually means “disheveled hair” in Chinese.” (Reposted)

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3 Responses to “The Chinese Beatles”

  1. Fermi says:

    well..a slight different phonetic translation of the band name between China and Taiwan…
    China version:disheveled-hair men
    Taiwan version:disheveled-hair four

  2. play music says:

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  3. emo says:

    Cant wait to listen Chinese Beatles LD

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