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My Girl K-drama

Posted in Korea, Movies by Elliott Back on July 4th, 2007.

In spite of it being up for download online, I decided to cave in and buy My Girl on Amazon:


It has a 4.5/5 rating on Amazon, which bodes well, and my girlfriend swears to heaven it’s the best drama she has ever seen. I was able to get one at a used price of $40, which is also good! It was produced in 2005 / 2006, so it’s fairly new, and assorted ratings around the net put it 90% or higher. Here’s a plot summary from IMDB:

The story concerns a young hotel magnate whose grandfather lingers near death, depressed of having never met his granddaughter, having dismissed her mother from his life years earlier. The manager, unable to locate his long lost sister, instead hires a young con artist who has tried to scam him to act as his sister for the benefit of his grandfather. Romantic and comic entanglements ensue between the two as their plan takes hold all to well. But what will happen when the grandfather makes a miraculous recovery and the two are forced to act as brother and sister, perhaps forever?

It’s worth pointing out that in Korea a girlfriend will call her boyfriend “older brother,” so typical American feelings might not get the joke!

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36 Responses to “My Girl K-drama”

  1. Hye_bara says:

    nak minta lirik lagu drama korea MY GIRL…

  2. asni with green says:

    how 2 get more picture of mygirl

  3. chitot says:

    i like this story and song too

  4. miSsmiKa says:

    aKu nak Lagu mygirL 2..never say goodbyE..pleZZ Lor…

  5. sky says:

    nk mintak mp3 download lagu korean drama mygirl

  6. cecilia says:

    saya nak minta lirik lagu drama my girl (never say good bye) versi korea…saya suka cerita dan semua lagu dalam drama ini…

  7. yana says:

    nak minta lirik lagu semua lagu my girl dalam bahasa melayu

  8. lolypop says:

    nk lirik lgu my girl versi bhs melayu nyer….

  9. nisamuthia says:

    aq minta mp3 lagunya my girl & liriknya

  10. Shinigami says:

    someone could help me with the translation of the song neul??? of my girl. Korean drama.

  11. nits_za says:

    aku minta mp3 lagunya my girl, hwang jini, cofee prince & liriknya

  12. fieqa says:

    nak sgt lirik lagu my girl….bez sgt…

  13. eina says:

    Lagu ni best banget………..

  14. iefah says:

    kesemua lagu dalam cite my girl ni best sgt

  15. lez says:

    hello, boleh bagi lirik lagu Suh Reun bun Jjeum?

  16. tiera says:

    sy nk tengok cerita my girl

  17. chee says:

    bestnya ceta my girl nie..tgk byk kali pun ndk bosan…

  18. I love this kind of asian drama it is so kindly different for all asian drama and you can realise the love can never be lost for your true love.

  19. ekin says:

    sye suke sgat tgok cte korea….

  20. iqa says:

    best gler lagu n cte nie….

  21. iqa says:

    best sgt2 agu nie…nk lirik agu nie r…..

  22. dengan semangat melayu boleh orang melayu akan maju

  23. lucky says:

    minta lagu girl dong. semua lagunya. w mohon dengan sangat

  24. luck says:

    minta lagu ost. my girl dong…
    w mohn semua lagu nya

  25. amylia says:

    sape kat sini pernah main game jin online??

  26. my_dak cute says:

    hai all…x de sape ker????

  27. iqah comel lorr says:

    lee dong wook…you’re so handsome!!!my mom love you too…

  28. ponianak says:

    what can i say????????
    i fall in love with you……

  29. misz cutiezz says:

    bLeh tAk bGi lRik lGu nEvEr sAy gUdbYe iN mAlAy aNd k0reAn..

  30. wawa.... says:

    best giler citer nih…lagu2 pun best gak…lg syok pelakon ctek n hsem….

  31. syafyqah says:

    tHis fiLm is tHe bEst fiLm am0nG thE bEst…huhuhu

  32. jenni says:

    my girl pemainnya cocok banget lee da hae n lee dong wook

  33. Bhavana says:

    My Girl drama is too gud…..where will i get “my girl” in hindi version??

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