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iPhone Chinese-English dictionary

Posted in China, Language, Technology by Elliott Back on January 24th, 2009.

Qǐngwèn is an application for iPod Touch and iPhones which allows quick and easy Chinese-English and English-Chinese dictionary lookups. Take a look at Karan Misra’s site which has more information about the free application. Here’s some screenshots of my own:

The thing I like most is that you can type a word, in either English, Chinese, or pinyin, and get back the right translations and context that word can be used in. Once you’ve translated from English to Chinese, you can also use the search features to find other words containing said character. It’s a great application!

Note that Qingwen uses a modified version of CC-CEDICT as its dictionary.

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2 Responses to “iPhone Chinese-English dictionary”

  1. Wendy says:

    Study hard bird! my mum is depending on ur excellent Chinese to converse with you :) she's so looking forward to, dont let her down! ^^

  2. CEDICT is very popular. Is it freeware?

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