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Hairy Crab Vending Machine

Posted in China, Food by Elliott Back on November 6th, 2010.

This brilliant story of a vending machines that sells hairy crabs fresh, live, hibernating at 5C has been sweeping the internet recently. All of the crabs are guaranteed to be fresh! If they are not, you get three free crabs. The machine is in Nanjing (Xinjiekou station on Metro Line 1); the company is Double Lake Crab Co, and crabs cost between ¥10 and ¥50! Here are some videos:

A vending machine offering live Shanghai Hairy Crabs –

There are more screenshots of the company’s new vending machines here. The company’s name, roughly translated, is “Golden Shell” in a sort of pun on the movie name “curse of the golden flower.”

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  1. randy.ajax says:

    Thanks for sharing information. I have never seen these crab vending machines but heard about it from my friend. I will visit the place and find the machines and try it myself then.

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