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Zhao Wei’s Baby Girl

Posted in China, Cute, Movies by Elliott Back on April 18th, 2010.

Zhao Wei just had a baby girl, delivered in Singapore on April 14th by Cesarean. Her agent, Chen Rong, gave this statement: “Everything is fine and she’s happy. Zhao Wei and her family appreciate the concern from all.” 33 year old Zhao Wei is delivering her first child from her recent marriage to property mogul Huang Youlong.

Check out the video 赵薇女儿出生照片曝光 经纪人承认其已婚 on Tudou for the full scoop (in Mandarin). We join the rest of the world in welcoming this bug-eyed baby into the world, and wish Vicky Zhao Wei the best of luck as a mother!

Shanghai Maid Cafe: M-Moe

Posted in China, Cute, Food by Elliott Back on February 7th, 2010.

Since Wendy had heard about it, we endeavored to at least stop by m-moe, a maid cafe in Shanghai. The small cafe offers some limited seating, a bigscreen TV for video games, and a few tables for nerdy board or card games. Maids will play with you, serve you snacks, or entertain. The website has an actual directory of their current maids, and a blog. Oh and cute maids, of course!

Maid cafe doorway

We didn’t stay too long because the friends we were meeting up were late, and the place was pretty packed when we got there. But, the environment was quite warm, and if your mix of patrons is nerds/maids you’ll love it!

One of the very friendly maids, “鱼子”

Here’s the address, in case you’re interested in checking it out for yourself:

Phone: 021-63517385
Address: 上海市浙江中路229号(百米香榭)204室

Shanghai has a few other maid cafe options:

  • CATE La Maid (which stands for “Coffee, Animation, Tea, Entertainment” according to Smart Shanghai)

    4th Floor, Buynow Shopping Mall
    339 Caoxi Bei Lu (near Nandan Lu)


  • @Niaohai (@ニャオハイ, located here:

    Shanghai Jin Jiang Tower 6F,
    161 Chang Le Road, Shanghai

  • “Maid Jump” on Wenmiao road in Anime City / Halozone.

Flickr is a cutie

Posted in China, Cute by Elliott Back on January 23rd, 2010.


This is really only amusing after finishing a bottle of Whiskey, but pardon me.

China’s Cute iPhone Factory Girl

Posted in China, Cute by Elliott Back on August 24th, 2008.

The following really cute pictures were found on an iPhone shipped to the UK;they’re absolutely adorable! It’s interesting to see the inside of a Chinese iPhone factory, and also to see what kind of people are employed there.

iPhone Factory Girl

iPhone Factory Girl

It’s too bad she didn’t leave an address in the phone, then the guy could send her a cute “Thanks for making my iPhone” note! On a more somber note, the girl in question probably makes around 700 RMB a month, and works 15 hour days.

Strange Fortune Cookie

Posted in Cute, Food by Elliott Back on July 23rd, 2008.

I found the following fortunate cookie my dinner last night, it’s a little strange, but I get a positive impression from it. It’s wishing me well:


“Age can never hope to with you while your heart is young.” If you can figure out what the missing verb is, let me know.

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