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Painting with Vegetables

Posted in Art, China by Elliott Back on February 26th, 2011.

Check out 用蔬菜作画的中国超级牛人: 桔多淇 (JuDuoqi) – (Chinese vegetable paintings) which uses some chinese cabbages and tons of other vegetables to recreate famous paintings and art, such as this Marilyn Monroe as Salad:

This is the Last Supper, as veggies:

Chinese artist JuDuoqi produced a range of art pieces with those food we eat everyday such as tofu, lettuce, ginger, cucumber etc. She even reproduced those worldwide famous paintings “The Last Super” and “Mona Lisa”. just incredible!! @.@

NYC’s Chinatown Fair: Video Games Arcade

Posted in China, Culture, Technology by Elliott Back on February 21st, 2011.

I suggest checking out this great post The Last Arcade in Chinatown from Scouting NY. It tells the story of the last arcade still operating in New York’s Chinatown district:

004 from Flickr user nycscout

At #8 Mott street, Chinatown Fair has only two reviews, but a respectable 4-star rating. The place has been there since the 50’s, and once featured a “World Famous Dancing & Tic-Tac-Toe Playing Chicken.” Go read the post to find out what that means!

2011 Chinese 1oz Silver Panda Coins

Posted in China by Elliott Back on February 4th, 2011.

The People’s Bank of China (中国人民银行) has released their 2011 1oz .999 fine silver coins at a whopping issuance of 3,000,000 units, due to high demand. The coins have a face value of 10RMB (~$1) and feature enormously cute adult/child pandas on the front, and a famous Beijing temple–Tian tan, the Temple of Heaven (天坛)–on the reverse.

I bought two sheets of 30 each of them, and they are as gorgeous as the dealer’s photos. If you wonder why I’m buying a small amount of silver in coin form, I find that they are much more attractive than bullion. So even though you pay a relatively large premium over silver spot, you’re buying art. Here’s a few pictures I took with my macro lens:

Front side of the coins

Obverse side of the coins

They come in big sheets of 30

Which are vacuum sealed against the air

The People’s Bank guarantees their authenticity

If you are looking to purchase, I highly recommend buying from Gainesville Coins, currently offering 2011 China 10 Yuan, 1 oz. Silver Panda. (Brilliant Uncirculated) Condition at $36.41 / ea with bank wire payment.